Digital Advertising 4.0

As a Vacation Rental Management Company in business for 15 years in Clearwater Beach, FL, we know the first questions at check-in are about the place they are staying. “What is the wi-fi code?” “Where is parking?” “ The next questions are always “Where should we eat?” “What is there to do?” “Where can I watch the big game?” or “Where can I shop?”

You now have a way to connect to these travelers before during and after. We offer a 4 Touch-Point Advertising Program with each customer. So they are sure to find you. Our average booking has over 5 people, some groups are as large as 24. So reaching the planner reaches a larger group.

  • Touch Point 1—Searching. It is beneficial for you to connect up with travelers during their planning stage. So you are already on their “to do” list before they even leave their house. We show your advertising on the Search page results.
  • Touch Point 2—Planning. Your ad is always on the destination page. So before during or after they can find your business and tell their friends.
  • Touch Point 3—Email. When they book your city, we email them your special offers.
  • Touch Point 4—Phone/Mobile. Then once they are here, even if they forgot your name, they can find your Special Offer on their phone at anytime.

According to HomeAway, Vacation home renters spend twice as much, travel more frequently and for longer periods of time than the average leisure traveler. They are also more tech savvy and appreciate quality. 

Flexible Pricing Options

Choose the option that best fits your marketing budget and the number of guests you want to reach.

Budget Friendly - Pay as you go

The BEST OPTION to reach the vacationer without the upfront costs. Pay only as we deliver with a max budget set.

Get It All - One and done for the year

The BEST VALUE with your ad seen in 3 city locations and unlimited reach and guaranteed clicks for one low price for an entire year.

Most Popular! Best Value
Plan Details $5 $10
$499 per year
Your ad seen in 1 city of your choice 1 city of your choice 1 city of your choice 1 city of your choice 3 cities of your choice
Cost per Click $1 per click $.83 per click $.63 per click $.50 per click Unlimited Guaranteed 1,200 clicks
4 Touch-Point Advertising
Unlimited edits to Ad
Mobile App
Logo or picture or coupon image
Direct Link to website or promotion

*All plans include these essential features:

  • Unlimited Ad changes
  • Visibility to vacationers before they arrive
  • Global customer base
  • Track impressions and clicks
  • Mobile friendly gives the customer full-time access to to your ad while on vacation
  • More qualified leads than Facebook
  • Direct link to website or coupon
  • Ad link on guest booking confirmation email

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?

Click this link SIGN UP NOW It takes only 10 minutes to have your ad up and running. Next, log in, choose the level advertising based on how many people you want to reach. Add a promotion or special deal. Upload a picture that will show everyone how amazing your place is. Done.

Why is it better than Facebook?

Facebook advertising is great. We use it too. But when you are trying target a vacation audience, it is hit or miss. You have to know where they are traveling. We do. The ads are set up by location and our audience is global. Our leads are more qualified because they are looking for places to stay or have already booked. We suggest you augment your FB ads with ours.

How will I know it works?

After you sign in, your dashboard will show you how many impressions and clicks your ad is getting. You can change your ad to optimize your clicks. You can also offer a unique deal and the number of those you sell can track how many customers come thru VRguest.

Can I change my ad?

Anytime. Just log-in and upload a new special or picture or logo anytime. Maybe you are having a slow week and you want to drive more business by running a super special. In 5 minutes you are done. It is not like a print ad where 3 months later people are still seeing the same thing and you are stuck with it. You can put up monthly specials or happy hour deals. Or If you get really crazy you can change the ad daily.

What Is the GUARANTEE?

After you sign up for the $499 program, your dashboard will show you how many impressions and clicks you are getting. We guarantee 1,200 clicks. If after 12 months, you do not see the guaranteed number of clicks, we will extend your ad until the clicks are received. If you get more clicks there is not extra charge.

Do they have to book to see my offer?

No, one of the great things about our advertising is you are seen by people who are in the planning and searching stage. On average a customer goes to 9 website before they book. So even if they never book with us they now know where to find out more about the area and your business while they are here.

What if I want to upgrade?

Just call us at 727-777-5000 and let us know. We can apply the payment you made to the upgrade and start your year of advertising.

Why is it better than print?

Simply 1. You can track results 2. You can change your ad anytime. 3. You have 4 ways to reach each customer 4. We reach vacationers before they arrive in the search and planning stage and again while they are traveling.