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Jerusalem vacation rentals provide access to one of the most fascinating locations on Earth. A central location for three of the world’s major religions, Jerusalem, Israel is steeped with history, significance, and treasured locations. A city that is thousands of years old, it is impossible to walk the streets without traveling back to the ancient past via the fascinating ruins and still-active sites of reverence.

   Jerusalem is home to such sites as Temple Mount, Mount Zion, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Wailing Wall. Enjoy traditional Mediterranean cuisine that is the meeting place of multiple cultures and dine in locations that will create treasured vacation experiences. The rich culture and mesmerizing atmosphere of Jerusalem will haunt your memories long after you have departed.

   Jerusalem vacation rentals are a great way to save money on vacation. Vacation rentals in condos, houses, cottages, chalets, or hotel suites, rented over a week's time, will generally cost less than ordinary night by night accommodations at hotels. Check out one of our vacation rentals in Jerusalem to find out more.