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Gulf Shores vacation rentals provide a perfect setting for the famous Gulf Coast of Alabama. The beaches here are renowned for their beauty and their well-preserved, natural state. Soft white sand will greet you when you step onto the shores with turquoise waters just beyond. The beaches are long and gorgeous, with a preserve lining the coast for a long stretch, leaving the terrain open for beach goers to enjoy.

   Gulf State Park covers thousands of acres and has two and a half miles of beach. In addition it has a golf course, a nature trail, and multiple lakes.

   At the end of the lengthy shoreline is Fort Morgan which is an historic site that you can tour. It is a preserved for from the early 1800s with major portions still standing for you to explore.

   Additional attractions are Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo and a recreation zip line park.

      Gulf Shores vacation rentals are a great way to save money on vacation. Vacation rentals in condos, houses, cottages, chalets, or hotel suites, rented over a week's time, will generally cost less than ordinary night by night accommodations at hotels. Check out one of our vacation rentals in Gulf Shores to find out more.