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Lima vacation rentals put you at the heart of Peru. The city serves not only as the capitol of Peru but also as the perfect headquarters for your Peruvian vacation.

   Museums are a popular attraction in Lima. Since many visitors to Peru have arrived to see the country’s unique Incan artifacts and ruin sites, these museums immerse you into the regions past, making any venture to the historic sites of Peru a richer experience.

   Lima is known for its nightlife, a reputation that often includes its many restaurants. You will not be in the city long before you are guided to some of the better locations for an entertaining evening out.

   Lima is a coastal city with a rugged coastline that includes numerous beaches. Fishing is popular with charter boats plying the waters of the deep Pacific waters.

   Let this famous city introduce you to the wonders that are Peru, with a list of amazing sites that include Machu Pichu and Nazca.

   Lima vacation rentals are a great way to save money on vacation. Vacation rentals in condos, houses, cottages, chalets, or hotel suites, rented over a week's time, will generally cost less than ordinary night by night accommodations at hotels. Check out one of our vacation rentals in Lima to find out more.