Frequently Asked Questions


Why book with VRguest?

VRguest brings you the right property at the right price. We have the lowest prices in the industry. The right vacation rental property can be the difference between and OK trip and the BEST VACATION EVER!

Does VRguest charge me traveler fees?

No. VRguest is the largest booking sites that does not charge any traveler fees. We feel strongly that a guest should not be charged for a booking which increases the amount of the booking. We would not want that extra charge, so how can we charge you?

What does the rental cost?

The rental costs only what the owner or Vacation Rental Manager charges. You will never see a charge from VRguest.

How does a booking work on VRguest?

Once the property is booked, the booking is directly with the Vacation Rental Manager or Owner. They will contact you with details and for payment, check-in information, etc. Questions should be directed to the Vacation Rental Manager or Owner contact information is on each listing.

I have questions about the property and it's availability. Who do I ask?

The best person to ask is the Vacation Rental Manager or Owner. They know. The contact info is on each listing. Calling is the fastest way to get your answer,

Can I contact the Vacation Rental Manager or Owner directly?

We encourage it. They know the most about the area and the property and can best answer your questions. You can even book directly thru them or their website.

Are prices negotiable?

That is completely up to the Vacation Rental Manager or Owner. During off season and last minute many places are willing to discount. Call the Manager directly to negotiate. During high season the sooner you book the better. Check out our Guesteals for the best prices.

How does VRguest work for the Guest?

  1. Find a place you like.
  2. If you have questions talk to the Manager/Owner by phone or email or visit their website
  3. Book the perfect place direct the Manager, or on VRguest at no-cost.
  4. Get contacted by the Manager
  5. Have an amazing vacation.

What is the cancellation Policy?

Each property varies on its terms for deposits, when payments are due, cancellation policies and check-in procedures. So check the listing for details and ask the Manager/Owner directly.

Can I rent a room in a house?

No, sorry. We do not offer shared accommodations. We only offer completely private accommodations.

How do I check in?

Check-in details will be provided by the Vacation Rental Manager or Owner after the booking.

What if the owner does not call me?

Call us 727-288-2020 and ask for support. It can take Vacation Rental Manager or Owner up to 48 hours to respond.

What f there is a problem while I am in the property? Who do I call?

Since your booking is with the Vacation Rental Manager or Owner directly, you will need to contact them. Their email and phone number information is on the listing.