Investment Opportunity


VR Guest is growing fast and we are changing the Vacation Rental industry. In fact, we are the next disrupter.

After 15 successful years as Vacation Rental Managers in Clearwater Beach, FL, with Gross Income of over $8M, we had a chance to learn the industry and we saw first-hand the rapid increase of fees from 0% to 30% in 2 years.

We saw an immediate opportunity for a better solution. So we created a Free Marketplace for Property Owners/Manager and Guests to come together. While other global vacation rental websites are charging Property managers up to 15% per booking, we offer a totally free place to list your property – no fees, no commission. And at the same time while others are charging up to 15% to the renter we are totally free to the guest – no booking fees. Changing the industry model and dynamics overnight. With an average booking price of $1,000 we save the owner $150 per booking and the guest $150 per booking. With a $3,000 booking the owner saves $450 and the guest saves $450.

The market is responding quickly and we are already in97 countries and 8,000 destinations.We have over 1 Million properties in our funnel to bring on the website and we can not keep up.  Contact us for Executive Summary.


To meet our growth, we are looking for debt equity in the total amount of $2 M. The terms are 12% interest only payments monthly for 36 months at which point there will be a balloon payment. A Loan Agreement is attached. It can be completed by Docusign.  Contact us for Docusign document. Then the document will be sent to us for counter signature. And wiring instructions will follow. Once the money has been received, interest begins accruing.

We look forward to providing you a strong, solid investment. And as our motto says we are “Better Together”

Questions can be sent to  Lisa[AT]