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All listings include these essential features:

  • Website Link
  • Your Phone number
  • Your Logo
  • Your Email
  • Your Name/Brand
  • iCal connection for auto calendar sync
  • No Fees
  • No Commission
  • No cost from VRguest
  • Direct Bookings
  • Book-on-line Option
  • Email notification of bookings
  • Full Page Description
  • 24 pictures
  • Average nightly rate
  • On demand rates
  • Your terms - cancellations
  • Your terms – deposits, payments and cancellations
Here is how the conversation goes. We say, “Free!”

You say, “Yea right, heard that before. I list, then you charge me how much for a booking? They all try to get you by saying free to list. BUT what will bookings will cost me? 10-20% like AirBnb? or $349 or 10%-15% like HomeAway?”

We say, “It is really free. We charge you nothing.”

VR guest was created by Vacation Rental Managers for Vacation Rental Managers and Owners. We get it. We have been in the vacation rental business for 15 years. We have seen the changes. We have seen our business go up and down at the direction of HomeAway and AirBnb. So we decided to do something about it. We decided to be the next disruptor! Our top priority is to connect guests with awesome vacation rentals. We decided to help every Vacation Rental Manager and every owner just like us. And then we decided to not even charge your customer a booking fee.


Yes, it is true. Sign up. See for yourself. Then tell your friends.

“If it was not for property managers, there would not be any booking sites. How do the booking sites know what is good for your business when they have never managed a vacation rental? The only person that should be in control of your business is YOU.”

– Tom Holevas, VP Product Development.

If you are linked to a 3rd party distributor or using software, contact us to find out how we can hook up. We will still charge you nothing, but your partner may charge you a little something…..we can’t help that. But we would still love to help you get more bookings.

Call 727-777-5000 and ask for a Listings Specialist.

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