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VRguest base prices are extremely competitively priced at $199/year to list your property. There are some situations with companies and software we are already linked up with to offer you an even better price. Please contact us to find out what we can do for you and your property or follow the link below to get started on the quick sign up process.


VRguest is providing what the other major booking sites are taking away from the property manager.
With VRguest, you get:

- Direct communication with the tenant
- A direct link to your website on your listings
- Control over payments to collect payments and control cash flow
- Accurate, automatically updated calendars on your listing
- Real time search-by-date and pricing for your property
- Full page descriptions with 24 pictures
- Immediate booking notification emails

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How come I can't log into my account after I sign up on VRguest? it may take up to 48 hours for your account to become active to add properties.
  • When do I pay the $19.00? The $19 will be billed as soon as the listing becomes active on
  • How do I pay for my listings? The best payment method is by credit card. VRguest billing will send a secured payment link for the listings to be paid. Check or money order can be sent as well.
  • What is the mailing address for VRguest? Our mailing address is 516 Mandalay Avenue, Clearwater Beach, Florida, 33767.
  • Who do I contact if I have problems with signing up on Any issues at all in regards to your account, listings, or general questions please contact our sales support staff at 727-777-5000 or
  • How come I can't find my listings after I completed the information? When you enter all of your property information, the listings are not active on After all of the listings have been loaded, contact sales support staff at 727-777-5000 or and inform support that your properties are completed and ready to activate. Once the listings are active is when you will be billed.
  • Do I have to manually update my calendars? No. We are able to link your calendars from all of the major listing sites to our via ICal. 
  •  What size picture can I load? Maximum resolution for a picture 740x555 and size 300kb to 3mb. 
  • What if I don't use any other booking site that uses ICal? If you don't use any other booking sites that use ICal, you will have to update calendars manually in your owners dashboard under the tab blockings.
  • How do I link my calendar? When you are in your dashboard from the other booking site you advertise on, you have to go into your calendars. Once in the calendar, export the calendar. Once the calendar gets exported, a link will appear that end in .ics. Next you will have to copy the link and paste into an email. Send the email to and support will insert the link in to the listing. If there is more than one listing, please put the corresponding property next to the link.
  • I don't have time to manually load all of my properties? VRguest is directly connected to many software systems. This gives you the opportunity to automatically load all information to your properties that includes: pictures, descriptions, calendars, and rates. 
  • What software is VRguest partnered with? The best way to find out if VRguest is compatible to your software, contact our sales staff at or 727-777-5000. We are continuosly connecting with other software to make listing your properties on easier.
  • Do you charge a commission? To make the most of your listings, paying for the listings is the best choice. If you don't want to pay for a subscription, VRguest does have a Pay Per Booking option as well. If this is the way you would like to list your properties, VRguest charges 5% per booking. This will charged the month after the guest checks-in. You must have a credit card on file to be charged for the bookings.
  • Do I have to pay for my listings immediately? Please contact our sales staff at or 727-777-5000. We want to help as much as possible. Depending on the amount of listings, VRguest will be able to set up a payment plan.
  • How do I get paid for my listings? VRguest does not collect any payments. The benefit to partnering with VRguest is that you are able to control your cash flow. It is your responsibility to get in touch with the guest
  • Am I able to brand my company? Absolutely. With all listings, either pay per booking or subscription listing, you will be able to include a logo and phone number to you or company.
  • I see that some listings have personal website links and some don't? Listings that are on VRguest which are paid subscriptions, have links to their personal websites.
  • This is an advantage to the subscription. Customers shop for the best pricing. Why should the guest not have the opportunity to look and book on your own site. If you are a pay per booking customer, unfortunately a link to your website will not appear on the lisiting,
  • How do I get my website link to appear on my subscription listing? Once your properties are active on, our support staff will insert the link to your website.
  • Does VRguest help with SEO? Yes. With the paid subscriptions, your listings have a link to your website. Each time a customer clicks on your link, you get credit for the click to your site. 
  • Can I speak with my guest? Any inquiry or booking that comes from VRguest will include the contact information of the guest. The guest is your customer. There is no need to keep this information from you.
  • Does VRguest charge my guest any traveler fees? VRguest is one of the largest booking sites that does not charge any traveler fees. We feel that a guest should not be charged for a booking which increases that amount of the booking. 
  • What if a guest cancels their booking? If a guest cancels a reservation, the guest is following your cancellation terms. If a guest contacts VRguest for cancellation of a reservation, VRguest will notify the manager prior to any cancellations and inform the guest that they have to contact the manager directly. 
  • How do I cancel a listing? At any time you need to cancel a listing, please contact our support staff at 727-777-5000 or at
  • Do I receive a refund if I cancel my listing? VRguest does not pro-rate the year for any listings that were cancelled prior to the full year being used. If you should cancel a listing within 3 days of listing your property, VRguest will issue a credit to put towards another listing.

Get More Bookings

A beautiful property in a perfect location does not produce income on its own. The most important step is to find renters for your property. It must be advertised and marketed properly at an affordable price.

Since 2002, we have made vacation rental property owners and managers very happy. We have done this by increasing occupancy and thus increasing income. That is what it is all about.

We want you to talk directly to your customers. No need to log in to respond to inquiries. Your job is to respond to inquiries and watch the bookings come in.

VRguest's Purpose:

Increased Rental Income for Owners, Managers and Hotels

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  • Direct communication with potential renters via phone or email.
  • Direct link to your website
  • Full page description of your property with up to 24 pictures
  • Real time search-by-date with pricing technology
  • Automatic, accurate calendar of open and booked dates for your property
  • Direct Book-on-line technology
  • Immediate notification by automated email of each booking


Easy sign-up.
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For your security, it may take up to 48 hours for your account to become active to add properties.

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Customer Testimonials

Thank you so much
Everyone I spoke to on the phone were amazing! Very wonderful customer service. I checked many places and one of the reasons I chose Florida Beach Rentals was the service I received by phone. Trisha from Sellersburg, IN